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Skyrocket your Apparel Store sales and blow away your competition with TradeMeters Point Of Sale Software

With the apparel industry from all over the world being valued at $1.7 trillion in 2012 and employing around 75 million people, it is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the whole world. In US alone there are over 300,000 apparel stores and approximately 4 million people work in this industry. Moreover, on average every US citizen spends at least $910 on more than 62 garments according to a study conducted in 2011.

But working in such a big and mature industry comes with a price, COMPETITION! This is where our Point Of Sale Software TradeMeters POS will significantly help you. Based on a rock solid and secure platform (Microsoft Dotnet framework version 4) and repeatedly tested countless times, its topnotch reliability and performance is only the beginning of its many qualities.

Apart from the many features TradeMeters POS offers that improve all retail business operations, some features that will especially help your apparel store boost sales, create more customers and drive more productivity from your staff are:

Inventory Management:

The Stock module automates your inventory management and keeps track of your reorder alerts so you instantly know which items are required to be restocked.

Customer relationship management (CRM):

In addition to names, phone numbers and email addresses, our POS CRM system also tracks detailed customer buying history along with charts. You can add custom fields and use the description field to note important dates and particular tastes of your customers.

Loyalty Program:

Our Point Of Sale Software provides multiple functions to build and maintain loyalty among your customers to keep them coming back at your apparel store. You can use the customer rewards function as well as issue coupons and gift cards for this purpose.

Customer Orders:

Apart from Sale Order, Purchase Order, Work Order and Quote/Estimate handling, we also provide management of Layaways that can really come in handy for selling items at your apparel store.

Categories/Departments Management:

You can create any number of categories and you can have any number of sub categories or levels for each one. This will greatly help you in classifying and organizing every type of apparel merchandize you have for your store.

Real-Time Gross Profit and Stock Valuation:

TradeMeters POS calculates realtime gross profit as well valuation of your entire stock (individually as well as whole). The valuation is based on two most popular and trusted methods namely Average Unit Stock and First In First Out method.

Employee management:

Similar to other functions of our POS solution, the Employee management is just as easy to perform. You can limit your users/employees to access certain functions (user rights) as well as calculate their working time (check in/out, time sheet). You can manage their salaries, both commission based or hourly just as easily.

Instant Real-time Reports:

Various instant reports easily accessible from the Reports module provides you a full 360 degree view of your apparel business as well as equips you to make better and more informed business decisions faster. In an instant you can check which clothing items and accessories are selling or which ones are slow to move. Stock report provides deeper analysis of your sold items. Other reports and graphs such as sale and expenses calendar, tax report and customer report etc makes managing your apparel business much easier and efficient.

Many other point of sale tasks can be streamlines using our software and you will be able to pin point areas of improvements in your inventory management and handling promotions. Keeping the stock levels low enables you to save a lot of time and money in day to day management and storage costs. You can briskly find items that are selling fast and need replenishment and those which are selling slowly. Access to past sales reports should allow you to estimate future seasonal shifts in demand, which is important information for an apparel business.

Ability to view past sales data enables you to make right decisions for your business. For example, if you know that during the previous year, sales of leather jackets began to increase in mid October and reached its peak in early December, then you can confidently plan stock levels for leather jackets well before the season.

Customers and Vendors Management:

We have easy to use modules for the management of your vendors and the customers. You can select a specific vendor see their details with a click. Same goes for your customer's data which can be used to attract repeat sales.

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