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Why select TradeMeters POS software for Watch and Jewelry Shops?

Retail shops such as watch or jewelry consider software for their businesses to help them in the back office to manage inventory and track sales reports and also at the store front. Since POS software performs some of the most important tasks for a shop, so jewelry and gift shop owners should be careful when considering deploying POS computer systems and software for their businesses. There are many point of sale software companies claiming to have suitable applications, but only a few actually prove and do what they claim.

Knowing the truth:

You cannot get a specialist medical advice from a general practitioner, you need to know and comprehend the truth that a simple software cannot do all that a good and genuine software can. Hence, be wary of buying and look for POS Software programs that are industry specific in handling other aspects also unique to business.

Buying TradeMeters POS Software is recommended for watch and jewelry shops as they save considerable time in store and make it easier by providing daily reports. The software package can track your sales and also give you the exact sale of each product. It can drive businesses on various fronts such as increasing sales, enhancing sale value and reducing costs of the businesses.

How our Point of sale software can assist your jewelry business:

Jewelry or watch shops are places having regular customers and this indicates that the customer details need to be handy. TradeMeters pos software helps in operating in an individual way without becoming a clone business. The details of customers are maintained by the pos software and are easily available instantly via the Customers Module and Reports Module of TradeMeters POS. This helps in recognizing their needs and buying patterns quickly and resulting in much greater customer satisfaction.

Managing various types of orders such as Sale Orders, Layaway, Work Orders as well as Quotes and timely informing the customers about their status such as an item that has specially arrived keeps the customers informed and connected about the variety your shop stocks. Moreover, customers feel wanted and on the other hand it saves the time of the shop owners thereby ensuring customers coming again and again.

Several Jewelry Store Specific Features:

With TradeMeters POS, you can take work orders from your customers and record their data along with purchase history. The name of jewelry item can be changed at the point of sale screen in cases where each customer order is unique and different (e.g. 2g gold ring, 22 carat, with 0.6 carat diamond) and you can record this order with a few clicks. This saves you considerable time as you don't have to add the items before committing the sale.

There are many other features meticulously designed to save your precious time and resources. Please visit our software features page for a more detailed overview.

Our pos software assists business by analyzing beyond sales success. The software program gives clear idea on what customers are buying and this helps in bucketing their need to their satisfaction.

Above all you can easily track employee sales, purchases as well as other types of transactions both in amount and quantity. This greatly helps in analyzing their performance and makes it extremely easy for you to calculate their bonuses and incentives which then results in boosting their performance and your sales. You can just as easily track any type of transaction by Product, Account, Employee/User, Customer or Vendor etc.

Do sophisticated business installing TradeMeters POS Software. We are identical to the NASA mission offering many benefits along the run, besides quality management.

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