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TradeMeters, The Best POS Software for Opticians, Optometrists, Eyewear Shops and Optical Stores.

TradeMeters Optometry POS is designed to be the best Point Of Sale solution for small, medium and sized optical stores. Our POS Software for Opticians is successfully serving large eyewear chain outlets including multi-national chains. Right from the start our goal has been to provide a very intuitive and easy to use retail solution that does not require much effort or time in learning to operate it. We fully understand how ophthalmologist practices, optometrists, and opticians function and how specific are their point of sale needs. Therefore, you can count on us when it comes to choosing the right POS software solution for your practice.

Click Here to Download the Free Trial Version Optometry Software
If you like the software then please contact us to purchase the license key.
Price: Optometry POS software has simple pricing: $59/month for each computer.
If you have any specific business workflow requirements and require new features and functions added to your copy of the optometry POS software then our team can add those for you (you can order as many features/functions as you require). Such software reprogramming will cost around $175/hour and we can give you a total cost free quote in advance. The fixed on-boarding fees for this service is $1750 (one time fee).

Our software is feature rich, yet so easy and intuitive to use that most users learn the main features of TradeMeters Point Of Sale software within a few minutes, especially after watching the online video tutorials or reading the help articles accessible from the Training Centre webpage.

If you have any special workflow needs which are specific to your practice then our development team can customize / reprogram our software to meet those requirements.

Starting from Inventory Management, making Sales, handling Purchases, various customer Orders [Sale, Purchase, Work orders, Layaway and Quote/Estimate], Employee management to Customer Relationship Management [CRM], TradeMeters POS software is designed to not only assist but to amplify your optical storeís productivity. As a result your sales and profits are maximized while at the same time your costs and expenses are minimized.

The features of TradeMeters POS are carefully designed to drive as much productivity from your staff as possible while taking good care of your customers' expectations from things like the receipt templates and booking/checkout/delivery processes etc. This has been achievable by countless hours of software testing, improving and retesting after interacting with actual large and small scale business users.

TradeMeters POS automates most of the important business tasks for your eyeglasses shop. You donít have to manually manage inventory or keep sale receipts on paper or maintain big registers containing various accounts and information about your clients. Everything is automatically handled by our POS system as effortlessly as possible.

The Stock module lets you instantly know how much inventory such as spectacles, lens etc you have on hand. You can set reorder alerts so it automatically alerts you when a certain limit is reached for a particular item.

The Reports module provide you accurate and real-time analytics including top selling items, daily sales and expenses graphs, detailed customer, stock and tax reports etc along with Profit & Loss and various Ledgers.

With TradeMeters POS you get peace of mind since it requires much less effort and time to manage and grow your optical business.

Contact our POS software experts at 1-800-719-6802 or for a no-obligation remote [via online] demo or for any questions.

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