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TradeMeters Point of Sale Software System for Convenience Shops, Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

TradeMeters POS software is specially designed to perfectly work for retail businesses like a grocery store and the convenience shop. We know managing a retail shop can be overwhelming and a lot of time and effort is required to successfully run businesses like convenience stores and grocery retail outlets. That is why our point of sale software is designed keeping the end user like you in mind. Our retail software design is a result of countless hours spent on research and end-user testing so it can be as convenient, reliable and easy to use as possible. Even a beginner can easily learn our POS software within minutes. Being “Powerfully Simple” is our motto, you won't find any super market POS software system which is as powerful and yet as simple. Most importantly we know what our users want. We know our users do not like complex solutions which require too much time to learn and implement. Therefore we provide the most efficient software for your point of sale with the simplest design possible for ease of use and the best user experience.

Designed to be user friendly and efficient POS solution:
All of our menus and options can be quickly and easily accessed and navigated. This means wasting less time in learning and figuring out the software and spending more time in generating sales at your grocery or convenience store (and even a large supermarket) and making your customers happy. Furthermore we provide a very comprehensive user guide along with video training so that your learning process becomes even more rapid and you always have these materials handy preventing any occurrence of confusion or mistake. This user-guide comes at no extra cost to our customers, in fact anyone can access it through our website.

A grocery store that can use a POS software

For TradeMeters POS, you do not need a high end computer to operate it. Even a computer with decent amount of ram (e.g. 512 MB) can run our pos software since TradeMeters is optimized to use as little computer resources as possible. This means you do not require a big investment in purchasing a new and fast computer (although having one may help in terms of speed). Trade Meters is easy on your computer resources while high in productivity.

Inventory Management Features:

Efficient inventory management is very important for convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery shops. TradeMeters POS system gives supermarket and grocery and convenience shop owners, like yourself, all the inventory data in real-time including information about which items are selling quickly or which are the slow moving items. This helps in planning when to reorder or replenish your stock items according to your customer needs. Our POS software's module keeps track of various attributes of your inventory including in-hand quantity of each item as well as overall quantity of your whole stock, your items' unit cost and sale prices, taxes deducted, discounts provided as well as gross margins of each item in the inventory. With TradeMeters POS, you will never lose any sales or customers due to being out of stock because of POS.

A scalable and effective point of sale solution:
TradeMeters POS offers a very scalable, simple and cost effective solution for multiple computers connected in networking environment within your store. You can start from single computer and add more just as your business grows. Just a single click enables you to add more computers. Moreover you can add unlimited number of computers to run TradeMeters POS with the price of one copy only. This offer is for limited time only. Other POS software charge almost the same price for additional use on more computers as their original price.

TradeMeters point of sale software also provides a very useful feature called “Offline Mode” for business continuity in emergency scenarios. With Offline Mode you can continue to make sales and perform other point of sale tasks at your grocery store even when there's a problem in your network or if your server/primary computer has crashed. With a single click, all the up to date data accumulated in offline mode is synchronized with server once the network is working again. TradeMeters POS never lets its users down. It keeps projecting a positive image of you and your business in front of your customers.


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