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POS System by TradeMeters | The Best Retail Point of Sale System for just $30/month.

Your retail store checkout counter is at the center of your shopís sales operations. A fast and easy to use, yet feature-rich POS system will enhance the customer experience of everyday shoppers and it should result in increased overall sales from repeat visits by new and old customers. Having an efficient POS system for your retail store will increase the likelihood of your existing and new customers sticking with your business instead of moving their buying routines towards your competitorís store next door.

POS System by TradeMeters

Why TradeMeters is the Best POS System for Retail Stores?

Itís not just the better customer experience and the faster and smoother checkout process that makes our POS system best in the market. There are so many other features and benefits which make TradeMeters POS system the best available software for retail outlets. Some of these advantages include detailed Business Intelligence (BI) of your retail business. No matter you operate a single store or a large number of retail outlets, these detailed BI statistics, reports and graphs enable you to make timely business decisions which will be critical to your retail setup. These benefits make our POS system the heart-favorite of all types of small, medium and large retailers in U.S. and worldwide. Some of these benefits are listed with detail, as follows:

  1. Easy to use Point of Sale Interface:

  2. Trademeters retail POS system is user-friendly and stable point of sale application with an intuitive GUI (graphical user interface), which enables even novice users to understand and run it after a few clicks. Once you add inventory, you can immediately start selling items and recording sales with real-time detailed reports and graphs generated and displayed within the reports panel of the point of sale system software.

  3. Detailed Retail Business Intelligence (BI) Reports and Graphs:

  4. Once you start generating sales, the reports panel can be accessed with a single click on POS systemís interface. You can then drill down into a large number of retail business intelligence reports, graphs, charts and other detailed statistics. These reports will allow you to make brisk business decisions with regards to well-timed inventory re-order and purchase decisions. With a few clicks, you can quickly determine which store items are selling fast and which are relatively slow-moving. You can also estimate the seasonal demand of those items which have a variable demand patterns throughout the year.

    All of this information equips you to optimize your inventory storage to the minimum required levels. Simply put, you can store more quantity those items which are selling fast and reduce the inventory of items with a sluggish turn over. However, this should be kept in view that an item which is slow moving during a given period of the year may have the fastest turn over in some months. Blankets and leather jackets, for example, sell much faster in winter months. However, there are certain items which vary in turnover during different times in a given month. You cannot easily estimate the future sales of such items without proper business reporting tools. Therefore, it is imperative to that you utilize the reporting module of TradeMeters point of sale system in order to optimize you inventory and increase your profit and future sales potential.

  5. Take and Process Customer orders accurately:

  6. Special orders by your customers often account for a considerable portion of the overall retail sales of any given retail store. Hence, it is imperative to keep track of all customer orders and ensure order fulfillment in an accurate and timely manner. One important point to note here is that most orders are placed by your most loyal customers who do not want to go to another store which has the same item readily available. They would rather wait for the item to arrive at your shop and purchase from you. Another reason (besides a customerís loyalty) can be an urge to save the legwork and hassle associated with searching for that item at other retailers. This will make it your top priority to deliver that ordered item in-time so that you keep that customerís loyalty and provide added value. This makes a perfect stage for growing your customer base and keeping them coming back to your store for more shopping.

  7. Retail Customers Relationship Management

  8. TradeMeters POS system has a built-in CRM functionality and the users can store a large number of customer details with their contact information. Retailers can use the CRM to launch email marketing campaigns in order to promote new products, discounts and offers. Various point of sale systems offer superficial CRM functionality, but our retail POS system has a distinction of offering much more than just customer details management. You can view your customersí buying history with a few clicks and this helps you determine buying patterns of different customers. You can also determine if a customer maintains a specific buying pattern during a particular time of the month or a season. Such seasonal buying patterns can be used to make informed decisions regarding inventory storage and launching special offers. You can even accept deposits from your customers and keep full account of product orders, past sales, returns and net inventory sale records.

  9. Efficient Inventory and Stock Management

  10. Inventory management is the core functionality of all POS systems, but TradeMeters has one of the most efficient stock management utilities in the industry. Quick item search functionality will enable you to easily lookup any item in the stock list, regardless the number of inventory items present. If you have a particular stock keeping unit available with you then you can simply scan it using a bar-code scanner to display its details on screen. Retail business owners can use different types of peripheral devices which will work well with our POS system. These devices include, but not limited to, receipt and invoice printers, bar code scanners and pole display. There are other types of devices (such as, weigh scales for grocery stores) which can be made compatible with the system as our software programming team can integrate those for you.

  11. Vendors Management Module

  12. Being a retail store owner, you very well understand the importance of having good relationship with product suppliers and vendors. TradeMeters point of sale system facilitates you to strengthen these relationships by automating the vendor relationship management through efficient electronic record keeping. You can quickly check which items you have bought from which suppliers and you can add comments to each profile. In addition to default vendor information fields, you can add more form entries and label those according to your requirements. The full database of your vendors is available on your finger-tips and you can view your purchase history related to each vendor. All of this software functionality can be accessed from the main POS system interface with just a few clicks.

How TradeMeters POS System is different from other Point of Sale Systems available in the Market?

There are several clear advantages of using TradeMeters over other top POS systems: TradeMeters is faster, more reliable, cost-effective, affordable and highly adaptable to most retail business types. Store owners and their employees can briskly understand most basic functionalities of the system within minutes of launching this application. Most of the functions and system features are highly intuitive and easy to understand, so you need not be a technology expert in order to understand the operation of this user-friendly POS system for retail stores.

Depending upon the type of your retail outlet, you may require some system configurations or customization in a bid to make the system highly aligned with your business process and workflow. Our software development team is at your service and you can order any sort of software customization that will make the POS system more suitable for your business category. All you need to do is to provide us with some details of the features and functionality that you require and our team will analyze it to give you a reasonable price quote and a completion time-frame for all the customization tasks. Once the full customization process is complete, our team will test the new version to make sure that it is bug-free and runs smoothly according to high standards set by the TradeMeters software team. After we are done with testing the system, you will receive a new compiler which you can install on your checkout terminal(s) and the system will launch with all new point of sale features and functions to suit your retail business requirements.


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