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retail POS software retail POS software

Features of TradeMeters Point of Sale Software


  • Very user-friendly and intuitive POS software design.
  • Support for multiple workstations over a network or VPN.
  • Innovative Offline mode enables users to continue important tasks even during network problems.
  • Easily Create\Update\Restore backups of business data.
  • Learning and training is very easy and quick.
  • Create multiple users with different rights at no extra cost.
  • Built in Credit Card processing with leading credit card processor Merchant Warehouse.
  • Significantly helps in preventing Theft, Leakage and Damaged/Expired stock.
  • Almost all brands of supported POS hardware can be used.
retail POS software


  • Helps you to optimize your inventory to significantly save money and increase sales.
  • Quickly add or import items from variety of file formats such as Excel\MS Access\CSV.
  • Create and manage services and non-tangible items.
  • Group items together in Deals for bulk or boxes of items.
  • Add images to your inventory items, one by one or in bulk.
  • Easily create categories/departments of items with different tax & discount levels.
  • Absolutely no limit to the number of items that can be added.
  • Quickly sort thousands of products by name, quantity, price etc.
  • Quickly locate products by real-time search.
  • Capable of doing stock adjustments to cover damage, expired or stolen goods etc.
  • Export inventory to Excel\CSV.
  • Generate and print custom Labels for your inventory.
  • Create and print barcodes with multiple types including UPC\EAN13\EAN8\Code39.
  • Reorder alerts.
  • Support for pricing via markups.
retail POS software


  • Credit card processing fully supported without Credit Card device.
  • Wide variety of payment types supported including: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards, Various Accounts.
  • Manage credit sales - charge amount to a customer`s account.
  • Users can also manage split payments.
  • Barcode scanners are supported for accurate data input.
  • Touch-screens supported.
  • Easy Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Quickly and easily input various items in sales receipt.
  • Instant access to your inventory and customers from within Point of Sale screen.
  • Favorite items list and real-time search for inputting items quicker.
  • Hold/save infinite number of sale receipts to be retrieved later for use.
  • Able to handle sale returns and exchanges effectively.
  • Provide percentage, fixed price and additional discounts.
  • Back-date entries possible for authorized users via Old Date feature.
  • Convert a Sale order to a Sale Invoice with a single click.
  • Process Rewards, Gift cards and Coupons.
  • Export sale invoice to MS Word for emailing.
  • Print sale invoice on customizable templates.
  • Copy old sale info with a single click for quick generation of new sales.
  • Full screen mode.
retail POS software


  • Easily import and export your customers data.
  • See their purchase history and other data with a single click.
  • Add custom fields.
  • Customer accounts management.
  • Instantly see their balances.
  • Receive payments for customer accounts.
  • Send bulk emails to your customers.
  • Include or exempt specific customers from various taxes.
  • Assign rewards to selected customers or all customers.
  • Assign discounts to selected customers.


  • Create and manage Rewards.
  • Generate and process Coupons.
  • Create and process Gift cards.


  • Easily import and export your vendors data.
  • See their history and other data with a single click.
  • Add custom fields.
  • Make payments to your vendor accounts.
  • Send bulk emails to your vendors.
retail POS software

retail POS software


  • Create Sale Orders.
  • Create Purchase Orders.
  • Create Layaways.
  • Create Quotes/Estimates.
  • Create Work Orders for various services.
  • Easy deposits handling.
  • One click conversion from Sale and Purchase orders to sale invoice and purchase voucher.
retail POS software


  • Extensive roles based customizable security rights for each employee/user.
  • Employee transaction log.
  • Employee Time clock.
  • Employee Salary/Commission calculation on sales & logged time.
retail POS software


  • Easy single flat rate tax handling.
  • Define tax groups and tax locations with multiple rates for advance requirements.
  • Assign specific tax locations to certain customers.
  • Tax locations can be easily changed during a sale at the Point of Sale screen.
  • Track individual tax accounts.
  • View tax report.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) supported.
retail POS software


  • Variety of Accounts can be managed including:
    • Assets
    • Bank
    • Liabilities
    • Capital
    • Income
    • Merchant Account (For Credit Cards, Users can add unlimited types of credit cards)
    • Tax Account
  • Double entries supported.


  • Various types of expenses can be managed including:
    • Miscellaneous (daily, travel, repairs etc.).
    • Occurring for specific time period (fees, bills etc.).
    • Employee commissions.
  • Record prepaid/postpaid expenses.
retail POS software


  • See log of your recent transactions.
  • See log of your uncommitted tractions if you are working in Offline Mode.
  • Instantly delete or return a recent transaction.
  • Copy transaction info to Point of Sale or Purchase screen.
  • Instantly search any transaction.
  • Print recent invoices or export them to MS Word.
retail POS software


  • Print barcodes and labels for your inventory.
  • Create custom barcodes and print labels.
  • Use standard barcodes and print labels.
  • UPC\EAN13\EAN8\Code39 barcodes supported.
  • Capable of doing stock adjustments to cover damage, expired or stolen goods etc..
  • Customize label templates to meet label templates.
retail POS software


  • Create and maintain a valuable database for analyzing trends and patterns.
  • Valuate your stock (via FIFO method in some cases).
  • Calculate Gross Profit.
  • Daily Dashboard [Net Sales, Net Purchases, Receivables, Payables, Cash Balance, Top Sellers etc.].
  • Innovative Sales Calendar with interactive pie charts and up to the hour sales graphs .
  • Expenses Calendar.
  • Plot different graphs against time.
  • Compare 3 graphs simultaneously.
  • One Click End of Day Report (Z-out Report).
  • Stock summary report.
  • Generate Profit & Loss Account.
  • See Ledgers for any account or entity.
  • Advance Summary for more in-depth info.
  • Easily export or print reports data to MS Excel, MS Word or PDF.
  • Detailed Customers report.
  • Detailed report of customer`s history.
  • Taxes Report.
  • Employee time sheet.
retail POS software


  • Barcode scanners/readers.
  • Credit Card Readers.
  • Cash Drawers.
  • Label printers.
  • Receipt printers.
  • Laser printers.
  • Regular Printers.

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