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retail POS software retail POS software


  • Initial Release

  • Set customers\vendors for non-credit sales\purchases
  • Export to word in Purchases tab
  • Export transactions to CSV

  • In POS screen added list of products on the right for efficient searching
  • Improved colors in Sales Report

  • Create deals or bundles
  • “Print” and “Export to Word” in invoice preview form
  • Gross profit calculation improvement
  • POS screen improvement

  • Restricted users from changing price of item from POS screen
  • Discount in purchases

  • Added printing of labels and barcodes

  • Added payment form on Commit sales\purchase
  • Improvement of receipt printing

  • Allowed price changing from POS screen

  • Now you can categorize your items
  • Make split payments
  • Add Service as an item
  • Improved receipt templates
  • New and improved reports
  • Improved tracking of stock adjustments
  • Simplified receive and make payments
  • Introduced log of uncommitted transactions
  • Introduced reports dashboard
  • Introduced Ledgers
  • Create multiple users with restricted or administrative rights
  • Record expenses
  • Create custom accounts
  • Record General Ledger transactions
  • Profit & Loss Account

  • Purchase Orders\Sale Orders\Quotes\Work Orders\Layaway
  • Merchant WareHouse accounts integration
  • Improved stock valuation
  • End of Day Report
  • Move categories up/down/left/right
  • Markup can be more than 100%
  • UI improvements

  • Additional discount option on POS screen
  • Customer Rewards\Discounts
  • Integrated Custom Fields
  • VAT support
  • Separate tracking of credit cards such as Master\VISA\American express
  • Export customers\vendors
  • Simplified invoice numbers
  • View Customers\Vendors history in right panel
  • View End of Day report of any day
  • Multi-Store support
  • Improved reports

  • Favorites panel
  • Customers report
  • Running a server will not lockup the business
  • Cash drawer integration

  • Define multiple taxes and tax codes
  • Assign tax locations to customers
  • Rewards program for customers
  • Create and print gift cards
  • Create and print discount coupons
  • Improved POS screen
  • Improved reports
  • Expenses calendar
  • Employee commissions
  • Employee Check-in/Check-out

  • New buttons on POS screen: Increment/Decrement Quantity and Remove Item
  • End of Day report improvement
  • Adjust Cash and Merchant account balances at day end
  • Export business data to a single zip file for store transfer

  • Edit Time Sheet entries
  • Employee Commissions window
  • Improved Home Tab user interface

  • Custom Fields at invoice item level
  • User can rename items at POS screen
  • Improvements in order Printing
  • Customize receipt numbers
  • Improved Customer History
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